Occasional Paper Series

Section on International and Comparative Administration

Call for Papers – Occasional Paper Series


The forces of globalization have led to renewed focus on sub-national, national, and supranational administrative systems. The public issues being faced today are increasingly global in nature and include chronic hunger, poverty, climate change, human rights, immigration and related issues. Each issue has the potential for global impact and it is important that public administrators and public policy makers develop international, comparative, and development perspectives as they address each issue. Such understandings will enable global actors to develop solutions that are feasible, sustainable, and lead to increased cooperation.

The Section on International and Comparative Administration (SICA), established by ASPA in 1973, reinforces this perspective into public administration practice and academic endeavors. SICA develops a community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to research on transnational, international, comparative, development public administration and public policy topics.

The Occasional Paper Series provides a forum for SICA and non-SICA members, including academicians, practitioners, students, instructors and researchers to reflect upon the challenges facing the field. Occasional Paper Series submissions will follow one of the four models below.

Policy Briefs: These are expected to reflect a transnational, comparative, and/or development focus and a sound theoretical and methodological approach. Ideally the Brief is used to share the policy ramifications of already-published academic papers although this is not a necessary pre-requisite.

Practitioner Perspectives: These articles will focus on transnational, comparative, and/or development best practices, success factors and challenges, and lessons learnt that can be applied in global settings.

Research Ideas: Short literature reviews and/or conceptual or methodological pieces on subjects of interest to SICA and its members.

Reflections: Analyses of SICA and/or related administrative or policy leaders or events and their impact on the field of comparative public administration and development administration.

All submission will be between 1000-3000 words including citations (using APA format). Each submission is subjected to a blind review from at least two SICA members. The Occasional Paper Series is published twice a year (minimum), it is open-access, and will be available via the SICA website and its social media accounts. Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Aroon Manoharan (Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston) at aroon.manoharan@umb.edu