ASPA is the leading interdisciplinary public service organization that advances the art, science, teaching, and practice of public and non-profit administration. Membership is open to anyone working in, studying, researching, or interested in public service. ASPA will help you build your professional networks and acquire the knowledge, skills, and necessary experiences to be exceptional public servants.  ASPA membership provides various opportunities that can help you succeed in your career.

Additionally, Section membership in SICA will bring you together with ASPA members committed to introducing an international and comparative perspective into public administration practice and academic endeavors. SICA is comprised of practitioners and academics that are involved in, or interested in, international or overseas pubic administration activities.  The section is concerned with promoting research and communication of public administration with an international and comparative focus. SICA is also interested in development management.

The section is offers a subscription to the International Public Management Journal (IPMJ), a premier journal in the field. IPMJ publishes high-quality empirical and theoretical work on managing large organizations, particularly public organizations. SICA is also revitalizing its occasional paper series and newsletter.

You also get to be part of the Ferrel Heady Roundtable

The Ferrel Heady Roundtable is convened annually at the ASPA conference and features notable scholars discussing their careers and research in a workshop format designed to allow students, academics and other participants to interact with giants in the field. Headliners in the Heady Roundtable series have included Ferrel Heady himself and the legendary comparative administration scholar Fred Riggs.

Your SICA membership and engagement will provide numerous additional benefits to your ASPA membership including forums for practitioners, instructors and researchers to share experiences and to reflect on challenges facing the field worldwide. Read More HERE.

If you would like to join ASPA or re-instate an expired membership please click HERE. On the Dues and Section Renewal page you will be able to select your ASPA membership type, local chapter (for local engagement with ASPA) and your section of choice. On the Sections page you can select membership for SICA for an additional $40.


Joining our mailing list keeps you informed on our activities. Please note, joining our mailing list is not the same as joining the section. To join the section you must first become a member of the American Society for Public Administration (see above).

Join our mailing list


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