Fred Riggs Symposium

Riggs Symposium 2018- Final Program

Global Public Service: Innovative Solutions for Policy and Governance”

 SICA-ASPA, Denver, 9-13 March 2018

2018 Riggs Symposium Organizing Committee

  • Naim Kapucu (Chair)
  • Peter Haruna (Member)
  • Veronica Junjan (Member)
  • Rym Kaki (Member)
  • Kim Moloney (Member)
  • Gedeon Mudacumura (Member)


2017 Fred Riggs Symposium
“Recognizing the Role of the Public service and Re-building Its Image”
SICA-ASPA, Atlanta, 17-21 March 2017

The recent reform initiatives to reduce and redefine the role of the public service on the one hand, and the increasing needs and demands for reasserting its role on the other – the theme for the 2017 Riggs Symposium has been articulated as Recognizing the Role of the Public service and Re-building Its Image, which is in line with the general theme of the 2017 ASPA conference (i.e. Saluting the Public Service – A Bold and Noble Profession”).

Riggs Symposium Program 2017

Riggs Symposium Organizing Committee (2017)

  • M Shamsul Haque (Chair)
  • Kim Moloney (Member)
  • Peter Haruna (Member)
  • Veronica Junjan (Member)

2016 Fred Riggs Symposium:
Rethinking Public service Ethics: Cross-cultural Perspectives and Contemporary Challenges

Friday, 18 March 2016; 8:30am – 6:00pm
Westin Hotel, Seattle, Washington


Riggs Symposium Organizing Committee (2016)

  • M Shamsul Haque (Chair)
  • Kim Moloney (Member)
  • Peter Haruna (Member)

Traditions, New and Old, and their Implications for an Ethical Public Administration
(9:00am to 10:30am)
*Moderator: Michael W. Spicer (Cleveland State University) []
*Discussant: Raymond W. Cox, III (University of Akron) []
1. Hugh T. Miller (Florida Atlantic University): “On the Evolutionary Necessity of Altruism: Rethinking Neoliberal Practices in Public Administration” []
2. Nicholas C. Zingale (Cleveland State University): “The hermeneutical mind as the basis for practical ethics and administrative authority” []
3. Larry Luton (Eastern Washington University): “The Value of Economic Analysis as a Guide for Public Administration: Lessons from Climate Change Policy Discourse Analyses” []
4. William M. Bowen and Michael W. Spicer (Cleveland State University). “On the Ethic of Sustainability and the Politics of Fear In Public Administration” []

Ethical Dilemma in Public Service in Postcolonial Developing Nations in Asia
(10:45 to 12:15)
*Moderator: M Shamsul Haque (National University of Singapore) []
*Discussant: Patricia Robertson (Southern University at New Orleans) []
1. M Shamsul Haque (National University of Singapore): “Ethical Dilemma in Public Service in Postcolonial Developing Nations in Asia” []
2. Zeger van der Wal (National University of Singapore): “Does Public Administration Education Matter? Comparing Ethics, Motivations, and Sector Perceptions of MPA Students in Asia” []
3. Jose Antonio Puppim de Oliveira (MIT-UTM Visiting Scholar): “The Influence of Economics in Public Administration and Ethics: Lessons from Asia” []
4. Wilson Wong (Chinese University of Hong Kong): “Impact of Politicization on Corruption and Professional Ethics of the Civil Service: The Case of Hong Kong” []

Ethical Governance: Tools and Public Service Delivery Mechanisms
(2:00pm to 3:30pm)
*Moderator: Meghna Sabharwal (University of Texas Dallas) []
*Discussant: Zeger Van Der Wal (National University of Singapore) []
1. Rashmi Chordiya (University of Texas at Dallas), Meghna Sabharwal (University of Texas at Dallas), Jeannine E. Relly (University of Arizona), and Evan Berman (Victoria University of Wellington): “Impact of Ethical Leadership and Legal Human Resources Practices on the Work Environment of Public Employees in South Asia” []
2. Heidi Jane Smith (George Mason University); Sanghee Park (Boise State University); and Liguang Liu (Central University of Finance and Economics, China): “Sustainable Financial Management of Local Capital Markets: A Cross-National Comparison between China, Mexico, South Korea and the United States.” [].
3. Krishna K. Tummala (Kansas State University): “Continuing Battle Against Corruption: The Case of India” []
4. Lichun Chiang (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan): “Transformational Change for Leadership Role to Quality in Healthcare from Government and Partners” [].

Good Governance, Professionalism and Public Service Ethics
(3:45pm – 5:35pm)
*Moderator: M Shamsul Haque (National University of Singapore) []
*Discussant: Andrew I.E. Ewoh (Texas Southern University) []
1. Raymond W. Cox, III (University of Akron): “Ethics versus Integrity: Framing the Response to Corruption” []
2. Pan Suk Kim (Yonsei University, Korea) and Taebeom Yun (Korea National Open University, Korea): “Promoting Public Service Ethics in Government: the South Korean Experience” []
3. Peter F. Haruna (Texas A&M International University): “Public Administration and Good Governance in Africa: Professionalism in Development Management” []
4. Kim Moloney (University of Miami); Martin Lodge (London School of Economics); and Lindsay Stirton (University of Sussex): “Politicization, Bargain-Shifting, and Crisis-Driven Change: Tax Reform in Jamaica” [].
5. Patricia Robertson and Biruk Alemayehu (Southern University at New Orleans): “How Ethical Issues in Public Service Compare With Ethical Issues in Private Sector” [ /]

(Vashon II)
Failed or Intelligent States: Public Virtue and Capacity Represent the Litmus Test
(9:00am to 10:30am)
*Moderator: Chester Newland (University of Pacific) []
*Discussant: Donald Klingner (University of Colorado) []
1. Jeanne-Marie Col (John Jay College, CUNY): “Failed States and Intelligent States: Building Trust and Development” []
2. Gerald E Caiden (University of Southern California) and Mahabat Baimyrzaeva (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey): “Contemporary Maladministration” [ / ]
3. Demetrios Argyriades (John Jay College, CUNY) and Pan Suk Kim (Yonsei University, South Korea): “The Market Model Failure and the Case of Greece” [].
4. Jennifer Murtazashvili (University of Pittsburgh): “The Paradox of State Strength: How the Drive for to Strengthen State Capacity and Public Administration Undermines Public Trust in Fragile States” []

Public Service Ethics, Motivation, and Performance
(10:45am to 12:15pm)
*Moderator: Peter F. Haruna (Texas A&M International University) [] *Discussant: Elaine Yi Lu (John Jay College, CUNY) [].
1. Palina Prysmakova (Florida Atlantic University) and Michele Tantardini (Florida International University): “Financial Performance and Public Ethics: Employing Public Service Motivation as a Proxy” [].
2. Brent S. Steel (Oregon State University); John C. Pierce (University of Kansas); Evan Berman (Victoria University of Wellington); and Jeannette Taylor (University of Western Australia): “Job Satisfaction in Cascadia: A Comparison of British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington Civil Servants” [].
3. Randhir Auluck (Coventry University, UK): “Out of Order: a consideration of the allowable and unallowable practices of UK Elected Members” []
4. Jean Bernard Nativel (University of Limoges, France): “Managing paradoxical tensions in French social economy through a non-profit public organization type: what impacts on new cooperative ethical values?” []

Ethics, Corruption Control, and Management in Developing Countries
(2:00pm to 3:30pm)
*Moderator: Gedeon M. Mudacumura (Cheney University) []
*Discussant: Christine Thurlow Brenner (University of Massachusetts Boston) []
1. Purshottama S. Reddy (University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa): “Municipal Service Ethics in South Africa: Theory and Practice: Quo Vadis?” [].
2. Anastase Shyaka (Rwanda Governance Board, Rwanda)): “Fostering Accountability and Control of Corruption in Africa: Analysis of Policy Practices in East African Community” [].
3. Rym Kaki (University of Southern California): “Keeping Development-NGOs [DNGOs] ‘In Check’: An Integrated Framework Proposal to Manage DNGO Accountabilities – Lessons from Tunisia” [].
4. Aroon Manoharan, Wendal Mirbel (University of Massachusetts Boston), and Tony J. Carrizales (Marist College): “Global Comparative Public Administration: Are MPA Programs Responding to the Call?” [].

Indigenous Culture, Ethics and Corruption
(3:45pm to 5:15pm)
*Moderator: Kimberly Moloney (University of Miami) []
*Discussant: P.S. Reddy (University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa) [].
1. Rizalino B. Cruz (University of the Philippines) and Ralph Brower (Florida State University): “Lost in Translation: Western Ethical Standards and the Problem of Corruption in the Philippines” []
2. Maria A. Reyes (Texas A&M International University): “Reclaiming Public Service Ethics in Local Governance: An Analysis of Hispanic Professionals in Webb County Texas” []
3. Ronnie Grant (Florida International University): “”Exploring the Implementation of NPM Reforms in ‘Prismatic’ Contexts: The Case of Brazil” []
4. Genevieve Enid Meyers (University of Detroit Mercy): “Institutionalizing Public Service Ethics and Accountability: Challenges to Democratic Governance in Uganda” []