About SICA’s Leadership



Email: k.moloney@murdoch.edu.au

Kim Moloney, SICA Chair

Kim Moloney, Ph.D. is a Senior Lecturer in Global Public Administration and Public Policy at Murdoch University (Australia). She is Chair of SICA from April 2019 to April 2021. She looks forward to working with SICA’s Board and its members to ensure continued engagement in the international, comparative, and development administrative space. She has been a SICA member since 2006 and a Board member since 2011. She is a 2009 recipient of SICA’s Gould Scholar award. Her research focuses on two areas:

  1. Transnational Administration, Public Administration, International Organizations

This includes (a) co-editing (with Diane Stone) a 40-chapter Oxford Handbook on Global Public Policy and Transnational Administration (2019) (https://t.co/fJWnTeYzfZ); (b) an article in Global Policy on international organization budget transparency (with Rayna Stoycheva); (c) an article in Review of Public Personnel Administration on international civil servants and whistleblowing (with James S. Bowman & Jonathan P. West); (d) World Bank public sector governance projects (International Review of Administrative Sciences); (e) challenges to comparative/development/international administration (Public Administration Review, with Nilima Gulrajani).

As of March 2019, she is co-Editor of a new Bristol University Press Series on “Transnational Administration and Global Policy” (with Michael W. Bauer, Meng-Hsuan Chou). This Series will be launched at the June 2019 International Public Policy Association conference in Montreal Canada.

  1. Public Administration and Development Administration

This includes articles on NGOs in the Pacific (Pacific Review, 2019 early view), island-state debt administration (Australian Journal of Public Administration, 2018 early view), public service bargains in the Caribbean (Journal of Commonwealth and Caribbean Politics with Martin Lodge and Lindsay Stirton), public service motivation / ethics in Jamaica (American Review of Public Administration), and NGOs / collaborative governance in Jamaica (International Public Management Review). She has published chapters on intellectual hegemony and Asia-focused public administration, social equity in Australia, and cross-national representative bureaucracy. She was part of 2013-2016 British Academy grant on public service bargains in the Caribbean.

She holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration from American University, a MPA from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, a MA from Johns Hopkins University, and a BSc from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



Email: meghna.sabharwal@utdallas.edu

Chair-Elect, SICA

Meghna Sabharwal is a tenured associate professor and the Head of the Public and Nonprofit Management program at The University of Texas. Her research expertise lies in public human resource management, specifically related to workplace diversity, job satisfaction, performance, comparative human resource management, and high-skilled immigration. She has authored/co-authored 44 peer-reviewed publications (all are published or forthcoming). She is the first author on 23 of these publications; thirteen are with graduate or undergraduate students; seven book chapters she authored are published or forthcoming. Dr. Sabharwal co-edited Public Administration in South Asia: India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and co-authored Public Personnel Administration (6th Ed.).  She received two National Science Foundation (NSF) grants: one in 2013 ($197,189) and the other in 2017 ($225,155). She also received a $10,500 internal Economic Political and Policy Science (EPPS) grants.

Dr. Sabharwal presented over 90 talks at national and international conferences and invited to over 40 presentations or talks at national and international professional meetings, lecture series, seminars, or colloquia. She is the recipient of three best paper awards for research published in The American Review of Public Administration, Review of Public Personnel Administration and the Journal of Public Affairs Education. She currently serves on the editorial board of eight public administration journals, including the two top-ranked public administration journals: Public Administration Review and the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

She won the best paper award from the Review of Public Personnel Administration in 2013 for a co-authored paper titled: “Charting Ethics in Asia-Pacific HRM: Does East Meet West, Ethically?” She is the recipient of the 2019 Mary Hamilton Award for my scholarship and service to the International Chapter of the ASPA. Dr. Sabharwal is also the recipient of the Julia J. Henderson International Award in 2015 presented by the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Section on Women in Public Administration, which recognizes demonstrated commitment to international public administration, in particular, or to international public service. She also won the best article award for the Journal of Public Affairs Education in 2013 titled: “Advancing Underrepresented Populations in the Public Sector: Approaches and practices in the Instructional Pipeline.” She won the best graduate and undergraduate professor award in 2017 and 2016 by the Public and Nonprofit Management at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Dr. Sabharwal has held several leadership roles within various section in ASPA, most notably she was the Section chair of the Section of Women in Public Administration (SWPA) from 2017-18, and the Vice Chair from 2016-17. SWPA is one of the largest and most active ASPA sections. She also held leadership roles in SPALR. She regularly reviews manuscripts for several public administration, public policy, social science and higher education journals.

Dr. Sabharwal received her doctorate in public administration from Arizona State University in 2008. She worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the City College of New York, City University of New York (CUNY) before joining the faculty at the University of Texas at Dallas in fall 2009.



Email: ceesayaa@buffalostate.edu

Atta Ceesay, SICA Treasurer

Dr. Atta Ceesay holds the PhD in Public Administration and Policy (2011) from Rutgers University, School of Public Affairs and Administration.   Dr. Ceesay previously held the position of Assistant Professor of Public Affairs and Philanthropic Studies at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Northwest.

Dr. Ceesay, who also holds the MBA (Governor’s State University, Illinois) and the Master of Science in Human Resources (Widener University, Pennsylvania), has taught a wide range of graduate MPA courses, including Human Resource Management for Nonprofits; Government Finance and Budgets; Program and Performance Evaluation; Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations; Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Citizen Involvement; Research and Design Methods; Survey Research; and, the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector at Indiana Northwest, Rutgers University, and SUNY Binghamton.

Dr. Ceesay also brings extensive experience working with and in the private and nonprofit sectors.  Dr. Ceesay is a 2015 recipient of Indiana University Northwest Board of Trustees Teaching Award.

Dr. Ceesay earned the dual BA/BS in French and Business Administration at Fairmont State College in West Virginia.



Email: nvij@olemiss.edu

Nidhi Vij Mali, Secretary

Nidhi Vij Mali is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Policy Leadership at the University of Mississippi. With a background in Public Administration from the Maxwell School, Syracuse University, her research focuses on the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT), especially mobile technologies in public administration and particularly in social welfare policies, specifically health policies in a global comparative context. With prioritization of Open Government Initiatives, digitization, and internet transparency, she is interested in the impact of these new ideas on bureaucratic processes, collaborative governance, and community public participation. She is also interested in developing impact evaluation designs and implementation for social programs. She has published in American Review of Public Administration, Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, and international journals including IDS Bulletin, and Human Affairs. She has been an active member of ASPA where she has collaborated, presented, and published research at the annual conferences, and regional conferences- NECOPA and SECOPA. She has also volunteered for multiple Subcommittees within different Chapters within ASPA, such as SWPA, SSTIG, SPPM to increase visibility, outreach, and participation at the Annual ASPA conference. She is committed to continue her service to the SICA chapter, within the roles and opportunities offered at SICA as the secretary.

SICA Leadership

Chair: Kim Moloney (2019-2021): k.moloney@murdoch.edu.au

Chair-Elect: Meghna Sabharwal (2019-2021): meghna.sabharwal@utdallas.edu

Secretary: Nidhi Vij Mali (2019-2022): nvij@olemiss.edu

Treasurer: Atta Ceesay (2019-2022): ceesayaa@buffalostate.edu

Immediate Past SICA Chairs

  • Shamsul Haque (2017-2019)
  • Gedeon Mudacumura (2013-2017)
  • Jeanne-Marie Col (2009-2013)

SICA Executive Board Members


  • Mohamed Alaa Abdel-Moneim
  • Farhad Hossain
  • Naim Kapucu2
  • Jen Murtazashvili


  • Peter Haruna
  • Genevieve Enid Myers1 2
  • Charlene Roach
  • Alasdair Roberts2
  • Meghna Sabharwal (Chair-Elect as of Mar 2019)
  • Aminata Sillah1 2


  • Veronica Junjan
  • Raymond W Cox III1
  • Rym Kaki1
  • Pan Suk Kim1
  • Kilkon Ko1

 No Designation = Elected Board member or Prior SICA Chair

1 = Appointed SICA Board member by Haque

2 = Term extended by Moloney in August 2019 via agreement of individual Board member, Election Committee Chair, and SICA Chair-Elect. Purpose: Ensure annual Board elections have approximately equal numbers of Board positions open for SICA member election. With the above shift, five Board positions will be open for election in January 2020, five in January 2021, and four in January 2022.

List of SICA Chairs (1973-2013): Decades of Leadership

SICA was created out of the merger of ASPA’s International Committee and the independent Comparative Administration Group (CAG). CAG, a group of self-selected academics and practitioners that coalesced in the late 1950s and early 1960s, consisted of a loosely knit group of scholars interested in furthering the development of the field of comparative public administration in the U.S. and abroad. Many CAG members were active in development administration abroad, living for substantial periods in country working with national and sub-national governments and groups, and then writing about their experiences and knowledge gained through participant observation. Renowned scholars including Fred Riggs, Ferrel Heady and Donald Stone were mainstays of CAG. CAG received Ford Foundation grant support to conduct research and publish a series of occasional papers in the 1960s largely through the efforts of Riggs, Heady and Clarence (Clancy) Thurber at Ford. SICA was created in December 1973 with Fred Riggs serving as the first chair. Since this time a long list of distinguished scholars and practitioners have served as SICA Chair and on the Section’s Executive Committee.

1973-74                        Fred Riggs
1974-75                        Richard Gable
1975-76                        Ferrel Heady
1976-77                        Mary Stephano
1977-78                        Robert LaPorte, Jr.
1978-79                        Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor
1979-80                        Lawrence Graham
1980-81                        Dona Wolf
1981-82                        Harlan Hobgood
1982-83                        David Gould
1983-84                        E. Phillip Morgan
1984-85                        George Honadle
1985-86                        Gerald Caiden
1986-87                        Louis Picard
1987-88                        Naomi Caiden
1988-89                        Lawrence Graham
1989-90                        James Mayfield
1990-91                        Marcus Ingle
1991-92                        Delores Foley
1992-93                        Nancy Ruther
1994-95                        Derrick Brinkerhoff
1995-96                        Coralie Bryant
1996-97                        Krishna Tummala
1997-98                        Jamie Langlie
1998-99                        Jennifer Brinkerhoff
1999-2000                      Jos Raadschelders
2000-01                        Richard Stillman
2001-04                        Donald Klinger
2003-05                        Daniel Nelson
2005-09                        Larry Jones
2009-13                        Jeanne-Marie Col
2013-17                        Gedeon Mudacumura
2017-19                        M. Shamsul Haque


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