About SICA

SICA seeks to bring together members of the American Society for Public Administration committed to introducing an international and comparative perspective into public administration practice and academic endeavors. SICA provides a forum for practitioners, instructors and researchers to share experiences and to reflect on challenges facing the field worldwide.

To further this mission SICA aims to:

  • Sustain an organizational context within which scholars and students can improve their understanding of public administration and management around the world;
  • Develop the community of scholars dedicated to research and publishing on international/comparative public administration and management topics;
  • Publish results of research in scholarly journals and books in the field;
  • Continue to support the publication of the Section’s International Public Management Journal edited by Steven J. Kelman, Professor in the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University;
  • Facilitate professional networking worldwide;
  • Identify “best practices” in worldwide public administration and management;
  • Link professional and technical resources to foster the adaption of  “best practices” to diverse cultural and institutional contexts in the U.S. and especially in other nations;
  • Stimulate, develop, and disseminate teaching materials in the field;
  • Build student interest in the field of international/comparative administration;
  • Support young professionals entering the field.

SICA members are dedicated to meeting the global challenges of the 21st Century. SICA supports initiatives to:

  • Build administrative and managerial capacity for societal transformation in the areas of democratization, free market economies, security and political alliances.
  • Explore the potential for innovative institutional arrangements, including public-private collaboration/partnerships.
  • Develop innovative administrative and operational responses to trans-boundary global problems, such as those related to protection of the environment, combating terrorism, working to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS and to provide better treatment capacity, seeking the end to religious and ethnic conflict, fighting against worldwide drug trafficking and abuse.
  • Integrate international, comparative knowledge and approaches into public administration training in all sectors of government.
  • Respond to global economic interdependence by expanding professional, scientific, and cultural exchanges worldwide.

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